Wednesday, 11 June 2008

'Cinnamon' & 'Freshmint' Spanglentils

More etched lentils. These have enamels on them which etch to a lovely silky finish. Very strokeable beads, these!

I had a major panic the other day - Kenneth the kiln got sick! I think he may have secretly been a bit miffed about me taking a week off and then waltzing back into the shed like I'd never been away. He stopped heating up and that's a slight problem where beadmaking is concerned!

After emergency investigative kiln surgery and a couple of telephone conversations to kiln oracle Robin at Paragon Kilns it was decided that Kenneth's relay had broken. Kenneth's relay has now been replaced and I'm pleased to say that he is working once again. Huzzah! A huge thank you to Robin for his expert advice, help and superb customer service.

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Louise HIll said...

These beads are fantastic. I love them!!!!