Tuesday, 21 October 2008

'In The Zone' Beads

Lampwork Glass BeadsI love to make these. I find their symmetry soothing and placing all those dots gets quite hypnotic. I could sit and make these kind of beads for hours and hours on end. I had my iPod on while I was creating these - Kaiser Chiefs, if you're interested. Their new album is pretty dang brilliant!


Kebo Jewellery said...

These are sooooooooo yummy!!!

Jo said...

oh wow! How many beads? You definitely were in the zone!
Jo x

BeadyPool said...

Gorgeous Laura, what a productive session. Does your choice of music affect the pattern/colours you choose? Just wondering...I hoover quicker if the music is funky and fast:)

Laura said...

Cheers for the kind words!

Veryan - yeah, I guess it kind of does. What mood I'm in affects the kind of beads I want to make and it also affects the type of music I want to listen to while making them. Sometimes it'll be classical or soundtrack albums, other times it'll be loud guitar stuff.

Sometimes I put a DVD on to listen to. That sounds odd, I know, but I think you can get lost in the dialogue and soundtrack of a familiar film or TV show in the same way you can with music.