Monday, 18 January 2010

'Basic Round Bead' Tutorial

Basic Round BeadI know what you're probably thinking. A round bead tutorial? Isn't that a bit basic?

Well yes. But it's probably one of the most important things a beadmaker will ever learn.

Over the past five years I've taught many people how to make round beads and when I teach total beginners I tell them that in lampworking making a basic round bead is one of the hardest things to master. There is so much to learn and so much to remember.

I've decided to write down all I know and all the advice I have when it comes to making a basic round bead. This will hopefully be quite useful for beginners and intermediate beadmakers alike. I've taught intermediate beadmakers who can't make consistently round beads. I'm hoping that my waffle (and be warned, there's lots of it) will help you tame that molten glass.

In this ten page tutorial I show you how I make a round bead in detailed step-by-step photos and I also show you how to make consistently-sized beads. There's a section on troubleshooting too which should help you with any wonky bead issues you may have.

The PDF tutorial costs £4.99 and ordering details can be found by clicking here.


hello gorgeous said...

I just wanna JUMP straight into this round black bead - it's SOOO glossy! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Tania - Jet Designs said...

From one bead maker to another - it is the start of an addiction! - Congrats on the tutorial