Tuesday, 1 March 2011

'Flurry Bead' Tutorial

Lampwork Glass 'Flurry' Beads
Lots of people have asked me for a tutorial for my ‘Flurry’ beads and I've finally written one.

The bead is an implosion. There are several tutorials out there for implosion beads but this is my take on it. When I first started making these a few years back I liked them but I had trouble producing consistent results and you know how much I like consistent results! After much experimentation and tweaking I’ve finally discovered how to make them pretty much uniform.

Lampwork Glass 'Flurry' Beads

For this tutorial you will need to be comfortable with building disc-shaped beads and you will also need good heat control. It’s not a bead for a complete beginner but it’s not mega-complex either.
Lampwork Glass 'Flurry' Bead

You will need some small mashers or a similar tool for this bead.

Please feel free to sell any beads that you make with the aid of this tutorial.

The 'Flurry Bead' tutorial costs £4.99 and will arrive in your inbox as a PDF file
Please click here to purchase your copy.


somethingunique said...

Laura those beads are amazing, i start my first lamp work lesson tom. i received them for my b-day,i am fasinated by these glass works of art and like you i just have to learn to make my own. i think i might have go get one of those books u have recommended. Thanks for thi tips Lana from Canada ;)

Sue Doran said...

As usual, this tutorial is superior and has more info than other tutorials I've seen on this subject, I'm very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to having a go at these!

Sarah said...

Those are some stunning beads! You're really super talented in the world of lampwork beads! I still treasure the lonelies that I won from your giveaway! After many months of trying to work out what to do with them, I decided they were perfect the way they were and re-strung them on a necklace. First day I wore it I got lots of complements!

Sarah xxx

jelveh Designs said...


FloRaeMe said...

Beautiful work.

Sandy Cannings said...

Absolutely fascinated by these spectacular beads and so glad you've done a tutorial on how to make them. Wouldn't do me any good whatsoever but looking forward to seeing sister Sue's efforts!!! These flurry beads are my all-time favourites!

Love Sandy xxx

Sue Doran said...

Don't hold your breath Sandy, I don't have Laura's control! (I live in hope!)

Clemme/Trine said...

Can't wait to get my copy :) They are amazing :)

Narrative jewelry said...

I bought my copy yesterday and tried it on the afternoon, yepeee ! the result is sublime (well it is just the first one of course...). Many many thanks Laura for sharing your experience.
Just a question, your "flurries" seem to turn, is there a special trick to obtain that result ?
Hughs from France.

Narrative jewelry said...

Sorry for my mistake, i mean, they "twist"...

Laura said...

A massive thank you to everybody who has purchased a copy of my Flurry Bead Tutorial.

Narrative Jewelry : That 'turning' bit is explained in step 17.

Thanks again,

Laura x

Narrative jewelry said...

Mmmmh...Yes, soooorry Lisa, i was just re-read the tut and saw the explanation. Thanks for your answer.

Laura said...

No worries! Twist, turn, whatever you want to call it. :-)

Have fun!

Laura x