Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Cupcake End Is Nigh

Hello Beadpeeps!

I am here and fully aware of my lack of blogging. I've been busy doing other things like :
  • Teaching
  • Working on a couple of PDF beadmaking tutorials
  • Gradually getting rid of my bout of Beadmaker's Block
  • Catching up on Cupcake bead orders

And talking of Cupcake beads, I have come to a decision.

They're coming to an end.

Yep, you heard (read) it here first. I'll do an 'official' announcement on my website and mailing list shortly but I suggest that if you'd like or need some Cupcake beads that you get your order in now.

You see, I have a busy few months ahead. Chris and I are buying a house, then I'll be moving and then did I mention we're getting married?! ;o)

So with all that stuff going on I can't (and don't want) to have the added pressure of bazillions of Cupcake orders that'll need making. Yes, they make me money and yes they're nice and all that but I only ever intended to make them for a short while. I think with all the stuff I've got coming up that the Cupcake beads have reached their natural end point. I will probably stop taking orders for them at the end of February but in the meantime you can place your orders by clicking here.

Big thanks to everyone who has purchased my little glass cakes - I've made hundreds and hundreds of the little things and they've been a blast.

I will have some new beads to show you next week!


Angie said...

whoooo laura MORE tutorials??? fab! x

Caroline B said...

Your cupcakes are like my potato pics, they have to come to an end sometime...sensible decision.Do you find the 'bread & butter' work affects your creativity? I do, and then you end up resenting it even though it makes can't win!

So saying, I am very glad I got my cupcake early on before they become a collector's item!

Trudi from Glittering Prize said...

Loved your last tutorial,so looking forward toseeing more!

Pretty Things said...

I'm so happy to have one!