Friday, 25 September 2020


I've been making glass beads for more than sixteen years now. I've made quite literally tens of thousands of the things. When I first started selling my work there was no Etsy or Facebook or Instagram. I used to sell on eBay and I then I built a website and used that to sell my work. I blogged for years and then social media became the thing and I moved to that. My blogging became less frequent because talking in 140 characters or fewer was all the rage and nobody really wanted to read stuff anymore.

I've long since ditched Twitter because it's a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I've also sacked off my Facebook page because their algorithms are beyond annoying and using it seemed utterly pointless. The only social media I actively use now is my Instagram page. I still have my blog but it's become terribly one way as I had to turn off comments due to the totally unmanageable amounts of spam I was getting.

I used to teach beadmaking. I used to make written bead tutorials. I used to make lampwork videos. I used to engage more with the people who like what I do and other beadmakers who, for some odd reason, liked what I had to say.

I used to share more.

I like sharing.

Thing is, there are some unscrupulous people out there - people who pick your brains and steal your ideas and then pass them off as their own. Anyone creative knows how irksome and dispiriting this can be. I got utterly pissed off with this and I clammed up and I stopped sharing. 

However, I recently started supporting a couple of non-beady creative people on Patreon and it feels like a good place so I'm giving it a go. 

The idea I have for it is that it will be a sort of exclusive Beads by Laura place. Better than a Facebook group, less out-there than Instagram – more of a quiet, chilled place where I can be me without who-the-heck-knows lurking.

To start with I've set up two patron tiers. One gives access to blog-style posts, bead recipes (yeah, they're back for patrons only!), occasional beadmaking tips and tricks, and occasional bead shop discount codes. The other gives you access to all of the things in the first tier, plus video content. These videos will be bead demonstrations and tutorials and there will be at least one a month.

The payments are monthly and will be taken on the first day of each month. 

For further information or to sign up please click here.

Hopefully I'll see you over on Patreon for some enthralling beady content!