Tuesday 6 May 2014

Hoots & Fruits

Lampwork glass strawberry beads by Laura Sparling

I've finished updating the Beads-O'-Whimsy section of my shop. There are now owls and strawberries in there.

Lampwork glass owl bead set by Laura Sparling
Just like the sheep, ladybirds and Bumblebeads, the owls and strawberries are available as individual loose beads, as charms and stitch markers and also as feature-bead-and-a-dozen-spacers sets.

I had some backing cards printed for my stitch marker sets and I'm pretty pleased with the way they look.

Lampwork glass owl bead stitch marker set by Laura Sparling

I'll soon have some sets featuring beads that don't have eyes, so stay tuned ...

Saturday 3 May 2014


They're back! The constantly perturbed Bumblebeads have returned and they've settled in various sections of my bead shop.

They're available as ... 

Lampwork glass Bumblebead by Laura Sparling

... single loose Bumblebeads (£4.50) ...

Lampwork glass Bumblebead set by Laura Sparling

... Bumblebead and spacers sets (£7.00) ...

Lampwork glass Bumblebead charm by Laura Sparling

... charms (£5.50) ...
Lampwork glass bee stitch markers by Laura Sparling

... knitting stitch markers (£5.50) ...

Lampwork glass bee stitch markers by Laura Sparling

... crochet stitch markers (£5.50) ...

Lampwork glass bee stitch markers by Laura Sparling

... stitch marker sets (8.50) ...

Lampwork glass bee beads 'Honey' bracelet by Laura Sparling

... and as part of a 'Honey' bracelet (£50.00). This bracelet features five Bumblebeads, half a dozen honeycomb-esque rounds and some honey-coloured spacers. The two in the shop are silver plated ones but I can do a sterling silver version if you'd like.

I've had a little shop clearout and switch around. Nothing major but you can now find all of my beads-with-eyes in one place.