Tuesday 9 February 2010

Mini Tutorial : Wiggledot Bead

This mini tutorial shows you how I make one of my Wiggledot beads. This is quite an easy bead to make but it does offer you a host of design possibilities because you can alter the dot placement, the number of dots, the colours and so on.

Step 1

Make a donut-shaped bead. Remember to start off quite a bit smaller than you want the finished bead to be as you'll be adding quite a lot of glass to your base bead.

Step 2

Apply a band of stringer around the middle of the bead. Different stringer sizes will produce different effects. Don't go too fine with the stringer though or you'll hardly see it.

Step 3

Melt the stringer band in so it is flush with the surface of the bead and then add four dots, evenly spaced, around the left hand side of the bead. These dots need to be quite large and most importantly they need to be the same colour as your base bead. Don't let the dots touch the stringer band.

Step 4

Add another four dots to the right hand side of the bead so that they're offset from the first four.

Step 5

Melt all of the dots in slowly and gradually so that they don't distort. Bring your bead out of the flame and let the glow subside from time to time if needs be.

Step 6

You should now have a plain bead with a pretty wiggly line around its centre. This was caused by the dots pushing the stringer out of shape as they melted into the surface.

Step 7

Using a different colour add another eight dots, just as you did in steps three and four. You might want to make them smaller than last time. Then melt them in slowly and gradually.

Step 8

Repeat step seven using a different colour. I'm using Efftere transparent dark teal.

Step 9

If you like you can add more dots on top of the last ones .....

Step 10

..... and even a few more if the mood takes you! Remember that the more dots you add the more your wiggly line will wiggle and the bigger your bead will be.

Step 11

The finished bead.

Hints & Tips

~ You can use either a transparent or opaque base for this style of bead.
~ Try using Goldstone (Aventurine) stringer for the wiggly line.
~ More than eight initial dots will create more of a wiggly line.
~ Plunge and case your dots for that groovy trapped bubble effect.
~ Leave some of your dots raised for texture.

If you make any Wiggledot beads with the aid of this tutorial please
email me some photos of them - I'd love to see!


  1. OMG!! How COOL is that! Have never seen a bead born before now!

    It's quite amazing really! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Great. I gotta to get me a torch.... :)

  3. Thank you....its a nice Tutorial!
    Greatings from Germany

  4. Wow... you explain this brilliantly, thank you so very much


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