Tuesday 23 October 2012

Slimming World

I'm now going to waffle on about dieting. I totally understand if you don't want to read it but I figured that some of you might like to know about how my weight loss is going.

I received my Yay-I've-Lost-A-Stone-And-A-Half! certificate and sticker at Slimming World last night. I was mighty chuffed. I've only been doing the diet for ten weeks and I've shed twenty-two pounds in total.

My SW book with progress stickers

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to shift some weight. I was a size sixteen and I was feeling unhealthy. I got overly-hot and out of puff walking to the shop and back and doing housework proper knackered me out. I also didn't like the way my jeans were so very tight around my thighs (they looked like when you clingfilm biscuit dough into a sausage shape) and I felt big and sluggish and generally meh.

I've tried calorie counting in the past and I lost a bit of weight doing so, but I never kept it off. I also became fixated with adding up calories and numbers and it wasn't healthy and I got tired of it very quickly. I needed to do something that I would stick to and a couple of friends had lost weight successfully with Slimming World. So I bought a copy of the Slimming World magazine, read it, searched for my nearest group on the old internet and the following Monday I went along and enrolled. You can do the programme entirely online which was tempting but I felt that actually physically going to a group would work better for me

I was SO nervous about going. I had visions of Little Britain's 'Fat Fighters' in my mind but within ten minutes of being there I realised that Slimming World was going to be nothing like that.

Marjorie Dawes

I lost four-and-a-half pounds in my first week. And I've lost weight every week since, sometimes only half a pound but still, I've not gained weight.

And you know what? I'm NEVER hungry. That's the joy of this diet. (I'm totally aware that I sound like an infomercial here.) You can eat as much of what Slimming World calls 'Free Food' as often as you like. The Free Food list includes rice, pasta and potatoes. And - get this - you can still eat crisps and chocolate! Obviously you can't yum eighteen Mars bars a day, but I have about three Curly Wurlys a week.
There's no calorie counting, next-to-no food weighing, no complex points systems and you can do the diet with minimum disruption to the rest of the family. The Slimming World recipes and cook books are wonderful. I can't say enough good words about the whole thing.

Weight loss aside, I actually enjoy going to Slimming World on Monday nights. I like seeing everyone. I like hearing how people are getting on. The place is full of lovelypeopleness.

And I FEEL better. I feel healthier. I don't get as hot and flustered walking about the place. I'm nearing a size twelve now and I've got to go and buy new clothes because nothing fits me properly anymore. I bloody hate clothes shopping but the fact I've GOT to go makes me smiley.

So yeah, in short, if you've ever considered joining a slimming club but have thought "Nope, I just can't do it!" then shush up and go do it. I've got about another stone to shed and then I'll be in healthy BMI territory. I'll see what I look like and how I feel when I reach my target and then I'll decide if I need to lose a bit more.

And American readers, if you're thinking "Why haven't WE got Slimming World?! It sounds AWESOME!" then you may be interested to know that Slimming World is now over there in Unitedstatesland and right now you can get four months' enrollment for just $40.00. Have a look right here for more details.

So that's that. Diet blog post done. I'm off for lunch now. The homemade pea and ham soup is calling me ...

Old favourites

Red and white polka dot beads

Ah, red-with-white-polka-dots, how I love thee. You make me smile, you make me feel calm and you please my eyes. If they please yours, you may like to know that these lovelies are for sale in the usual place right now.

Monday 22 October 2012

'Clementine & Blueberry'

Etched lampwork glass beads

I really need to step away from the orange glass now. I think it's autumn. It gets in my head and I just like making orange beads when it does. Happens every year.

Anyway, if, like me, you have a soft spot for orange then you might like to know that these 'Clementine & Blueberry' beads are available over on the Freshly Baked Beads page right now. These etched, glowy lovelies with some coordinating enamelled spacers are priced at £25.00 and they'd be fab for a bracelet or even earrings.

Friday 19 October 2012

If it's good enough for DFS ...

Christmas lampwork glass beads

... then it's good enough for me. Last night I saw the most overly-Christmassy DFS television advert. They seem determined to make the whole of the UK buy a new sofa in time for Christmas. I moaned on Twitter about the ridiculously far-too-early nature of the advert and then I realised I'd made a set of Christmassy beads on Wednesday. I have an excuse, though; I have to make the beads so that you can buy them, work your jewellery magic with them and then get them sold or given in time for Chrimbletide.

So yeah, I think I get away with it.

Those simple-yet-pretty 'Festive' spacers up there are now available for ordering on my Beads To Order page. There are a dozen in the strand and they cost £12.00 including worldwide delivery.

Sunday 14 October 2012


Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelet

I adore the colours about the place at this time of year; rich reds, vibrant yellows and oranges and glorious coppers and bronzes. I made these enamelled beads and turned them into a bracelet as I liked the idea of wrapping all those beautiful autumn colours around your wrist.

Lampwork Glass Pumpkin Pendant

And I also made this super-cute pumpkin pendant. It'll add a splash of autumnal loveliness or a touch of Halloweenery to your day.

Lampwork Glass Pumpkin Pendant 
Both of these pieces are available over on my Freshly Baked Beads page right now.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Bracelets By Laura

Lampwork glass and sterling silver cupcake bracelet

I've spent my morning creating a whole new web page dedicated to my custom bracelets.

There are five different bracelet styles to choose from and prices range from £25.00 to £65.00 so there is something to suit everyone.

If you are thinking of ordering bracelets in time for Christmas, please place your order by Sunday 2nd December.

Very sorry to mention the C-word there but it's creeping up. I nearly Hulked out in WH Smith yesterday when I was trapped in their queueing system surrounded by Christmas sweets and chocolates. WAY TOO FAR TOO EARLY, PEOPLE!

Anyway, Happy Saturday! I'll be back later or tomorrow to tell you all about how I am eschewing the aforementioned sweets and chocolates whilst I am doing my diet ...

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Wednesday 3 October 2012

'Halloween' Bracelet

Lampwork Glass Halloween Bracelet

I wanted to make a Halloween bracelet but I didn't want it to be overly Halloweeny. So I just went for black and enamelled green and orange spacers and a cute pumpkin dangle.

This one is available over on the Freshly Baked Beads page right now. It is £35.00 including giftbox and worldwide delivery.

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