Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oh Dear

I am currently experiencing major techo-trauma.

My beautiful pink Sony Vaio laptop, Sonya, is very sick. It would appear that she has a nasty virus. Said virus hacked into my website and added some nasty code to every page that made my site dirty and scary to anti virus software. A few people emailed me telling me they were getting pop-ups and warning bars when they visited my website. After a couple of days of speaking with my hosting company they tracked down the malicious code and yesterday I removed it from every page of my site making Beads By Laura clean, shiny and user-friendly again. So that's a good thing.

But .....

I decided to format Sonya to make sure that any virus she had was obliterated. After that I ran my anti virus and it found a horrid evil Trojan so at 1am this morning I was trying to put things right. This morning everything appeared to be well but when I tried to install Windows service pack three (I'm still on XP - I don't like Vista!) it didn't want to play ball. I'm having another go (this makes attempt number five) and I shall see what happens.

Problem is, my desktop PC broke about four weeks ago so my only computer is Sonya. I hope I can make her better. Without a computer I'm in trouble.

So this post is to tell you that I'm unable to update the website at the moment. The Strawberry Ice Cream beads are sold. The Vanilla ones are currently available. If you'd like them, please email me or leave me a comment.

I'll be back later to tell you how Sonya's doing. Please keep your fingers crossed for her.


Caroline B said...

Oh dear! I wondered why my computer didn't like your site any more!! Good luck with that - I'm having serious problems with Firefox at the moment & trying to pluck up the courage to re-format my computer too...hope you get yours sorted.

Laura said...

Well, it *should* like it now. If it doesn't I give up!

Computers, eh? I love them but when they go wrong it's distressing. We've come to rely on them SO much. I hope you get yours sorted too.

Beady Bugs said...

Oh no! I was going to say send me a connection key and I could make any little changes you wanted, but guess that's out of the question pooter-wise. :-(

I hope you get it sorted soon, and Sonya is feeling better soon.

HP x

Mel P said...

Get better soon Sonya, stop making Mummy cross! xx

Laura G said...

yay-it likes me again too!!Hope you're soted. Happy easterxx

Jelveh Designs said...

Hey Laura, hope its all better soon...some idiot cut a few fiberoptics wires here in Northern California, and half of the state was out of phone, internet connection and get this no ATM or banks, everything was at a was scary that it could be that easy, we were out of connection for 17 hours...all fixed now...hope you are up soon too...
miss ya