Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

Through the wonders of Twitter I am the proud owner of this beautiful painting by Elizabeth O'Connor of Gallery6.  Elizabeth likes my key beads and I like her paintings.  Apryl suggested that we do a trade (Apryl loves her crafty trades and I can't blame her; I would love it if Tesco accepted beads as a form of payment) and so we did.

Elizabeth (she's probably frowning at me now for calling her that so from now on I will refer to her as 'Liz') creates expressive, abstract paintings using mixed media.  Some of her canvasses remind me of nebulae and interplanetary mists and others are like moody colour storms and crashing waves of paint.  Lovely stuff.

'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

Liz asked me what colours I'd like the painting to be and I asked for fern and olive greens and shades of grey.  I had already picked out the perfect spot in the living room for the painting and those colours match our lounge. (Are you surprised?  Were you imagining a sea of red and white polka dots?  No, that's the kitchen.)

A few days later the postman delivered the canvas and I fell in love with it as soon as I unwrapped it.  The colours are perfect and the painting has all these wonderful little details.  I just sit and look at it sometimes; I get properly lost in all the swirls and silvery touches.  It's just beautiful.

Detail of 'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

Detail of 'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

Detail of 'Lichen' by Elizabeth O'Connor

I think I will commission Liz to do another painting when we eventually get round to decorating our bedroom.  If you'd like to pretty up your house with an Elizabeth O'Connor original too her website can be found here.  Make sure you have a look at the Gallery section - the 'Acid Pop' painting is particularly pretty.

A huge 'thank you' to Liz for my gorgeous piece of art and also to Apryl for suggesting the trade.


Caroline B said...

Ah, I love crafty trades too - you always feel like you are getting something extra special!
Love the painting, it's one of those where your eye makes it's own pictures.

Aiya said...

wow that is gorgeous you lucky girl :) xx

Sue Doran said...

I do like abstract art. I can see why you're so pleased with your brilliant painting. (The new bio photo really shows off your new henna hair beautifully!)

averilpam said...

That is a gorgeous painting!

Mars Will Send No More said...

Beautiful piece of abstract art by Elizabeth. I saw a print of this piece for sale earlier so consider me her newest fan. I'll have them send a few prints overseas to me. Really wonderful style.