Wednesday 3 August 2011

Beads & Earrings

Lampwork Earrings

It's been way too hot to melt glass in a wooden shed today so instead I've been making jewellery and photographing beads.  Those 'Inky Nuggets' earrings up there and the bright and cheery 'Fruity' beads below ...

Lampwork Beads

... are on my Freshly Baked Beads page right now along with a few other beady bits and pieces.


  1. Hi!

    Your beads look great!! Do you know, which glas you have used for the "fruity-beads"? The orange and red is wonderfull!

    Greetings from Austria :)


  2. Seriously loving those earrings!! Stunning!! Love the beads too :)

  3. Hey Laura, how are you doing girl? starting to get a bit worried, hope all is well and you are just off having a lot of fun...


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