Tuesday 13 December 2011

A splash of colour

Etched Lampwork Beads

I thought it was about time I made some beads that were actually colourful, as opposed to clear and white.  I've made these cheery-looking ones which are available as a mix (above) or in their individual colours as sets of five. Please click here for details of how to buy.

It's been mega-hectic here.  I've been working 'double shifts'; starting early in the morning, letting the beads cool whilst I clean and package others and then I go back out the shed and make another kilnful.  Yes.  Hectic.

I have done nothing - and I mean nothing - Chrimbletide-wise.  Nothing at all.  This will not end well.  I really hope that you are more organised than me and that all your festive preparation is coming along nicely.

Have a good evening!

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  1. Nothing wrong with playing Christmas Chicken - still got plenty of time!
    Lovely beads, like the glowy orange one!


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