Friday, 21 September 2012


Lampwork Glass Lentil Beads

I made some poppy lentils like this a good few years ago. Since then they have been one of my most requested bead designs but I've never remade them ... until now.

Lampwork Glass Lentil Bead (Detail)

The 18mm clear lentil beads are decorated with bright red poppes. The use of enamels gives the petals a variegated, almost painterly effect. Each one of these lentils takes me about half an hour to make and they are such tricky beads to photograph. Red glass, like lavender glass,  hates artificial light. They look best taken in bright sunshine but alas, there is none of that today. 
Lampwork Glass Lentil Beads
These would look beautiful as a bracelet and lentil beads are so comfy to wear. I've teamed these pretty poppies with some small spacer beads.

They are available over on my Freshly Baked Beads page now.