Wednesday, 5 December 2012


You know those little short-term lease shops that pop up in town centres at this time of year? The ones that sell massive Christmas cards, Santa hats and cheap tinsel? Well, I've just opened the glass bead version of one of those. Except there is zero tat in my shop.

So yes, my Chrimbleshop is OPEN. I'll be updating it every other day or so with beady gifts. They are one-offs, giftboxed and ready to be posted.

Lampwork Glass Pendants

I've just stocked it with a bunch of pendants. These are £15.00 each including delivery and if needs be I can supply an eighteen inch sterling silver chain for an additional £10.00.

I'm busy with bracelet orders right now and I'm making stock for my shop in between those, so do check the shop regularly for new additions.

I'm off to make myself a massive mug-o-tea now ...

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