Thursday, 13 March 2014


Lampwork glass lentil beads
I'm being superquickfast here because my broadband connection keeps going all skew-whiff but yes, there are two sets of these periwinkle and ivory 'Beach' lentils in the shop right now.


Aimee Moisa said...

Lovely beads, as always Laura!

How's Ruth doing? Haven't heard anything about the little Piglet since Saturday and I've been thinking about her. My two little Pigs always squawk in terror when a big spider invades their territory, but with Ruth's history you can never be too safe.

Wishing you the best.

-- Aimee

Laura Sparling said...

Hi Aimee

Ruth's not right. I took her back to the vet on Tuesday and the vet changed her medication and we're waiting a week to see how she goes. She's not really improved so far. I'm convinced that she has more bladder stones so I'm expecting them to X-ray her next week. If I'm right, I think they'll operate to remove them. Poor little thing is fine in herself - eating, drinking, scampering about and bright-eyed. She just has pain when she 'toilets'. So we'll see.

Thank you for asking.

L x