Friday 12 August 2016

Flower power

Poppy, taken with iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens

*Monty Don face*

Welcome to the blog post where I bore you with news of my uninteresting garden. Don't worry, there are some beads too, but first, let me show you my munchkin pumpkin. (Oooh, Jeremy.)

Baby munchkin pumpkin

I grew munchkin pumpkins for two reasons:
  1. The name 'munchkin pumpkin' which I sing to the Oompa Loompa song as "Munchkin pumpkin, pump-a-di-doo"... obviously.
  2. Because who can resist the idea of growing an actual tiny pumpkin?
The plant itself is like a triffid; massive leaves and curly-wurly tendrils aplenty. I was starting to think I would never get any pumpkins because it's done loads of flowers but those just wither, leaving no offspring behind (which I can totally identify with because that's how I'm living my life) but then I read about it and they have male and female flowers. Nature.

My sunflowers are an embarrassment. I couldn't get the same seeds that gave me the amazing ones I grew last year so I have eighteen weak and wimpy sunflowers that are no more than three feet high. I did intentionally grow micro sunflowers, though, (I'm clearly all about the miniature garden stuff this year) and they've turned out really well.

Micro sun sunflower, taken with iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens

My favourite plants this summer have been my poppies. There's one at the top of this post and look, here are some more:

Poppies against the fence
Poppies making the grotty fence look nice


Poppy refractions, taken with iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens
Poppies refracted in raindrops

Poppy, taken with iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens

Poppy wit raindrops, taken with iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens
Raindroppy poppy

I've also grown chillies and tomatoes and wild strawberries and mint. All the mint. Mint-mint, peppermint, spearmint and watermelon mint. So. Much. Mint. Oh, and catnip, which I'm having to grow in hanging baskets out of Nigel's reach as he goes totally Renton for catnip.

Anyway, beads. These are flowery too.

Lampwork glass encased floral beads by Laura Sparling

I made these beads ages ago. I rescued them from a jam jar of odd beads I found in the cupboard under the sink. I don't know why I 'rejected' them. (See? That's how annoying my pernickety faff brain is; I can't even remember what I thought was wrong with them.) The only reason I can see is that a couple of them have small, harmless bubbles in the encasing but that's pretty normal for encased florals so I'm fine with that. For today, anyway. They're in the shop as I type.

I don't want to be a premature idiot, but I'm pretty sure I can smell a slight whiff of autumn. Something about the weather's mood has shifted and I like it. Don't get me wrong, I think there are some summery days left to come but there's something different about the morning light and the coolness of the breeze this week.

Now I must away to the shed where I will spend the day blowing glass bubbles and chair dancing and singing along to Lucius.

Have a great Friday! (Of course you will. It's Friday.)


  1. Wonderful photos! What a lovely post to wake up to 😊

  2. Don't mention autumn, I'm still in summer mode! Beautiful photos and I love munchkin pumpkins - a thing I never knew existed :D

  3. There seems to be a change in the daylight here as well as the "feel" of the day. It's as though autumn is peeking around the corner. Where o' where did summer go? As much as I love fall I will then miss summer and the feel of the warm sun on my face. We can't have it all - can we? I love your blog, your videos and your sense of humor. You are quite the comedienne as well as a maker of gorgeous beads. Keep us entertained when you have time ❤️


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