Sunday 25 April 2021

CiM Testing: Lake Baikal

Handmade hollow lampwork glass beads made with CiM Lake Baikal

This is one of CiM’s cloudy transparents – transparent glass with cloudy transparent pigments added to it – and it’s a beauty.

Lake Baikal is a transparent blue with red and pink pigments that give the blue a soft purple glow when the light hits it just right. It’s flipping lovely.

More hollows because I was in hollow bead mode, or to be more precise, refining hollow bead mode, and figuring out how to get consistent results with them. I get like this with certain beadmaking techniques.

Handmade hollow lampwork glass beads made with various CiM glasses
Hollow beads made with various CiM colours

I’ve always been quite hit-and-miss with non-blown hollows and occasionally I like to buckle down and spend a while trying to figure out why the misses occur. It’s always a good exercise in learning how glass works and calculating what you have to do with it (or not) to get the results you’re after.

Anyway, Lake Baikal is a really well-behaved glass and a gorgeous colour. Nice one, Creation is Messy!

All beads were photographed indoors in natural daylight.


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