Thursday, 8 January 2009

Joy's First Beads

Joy's First Lampwork BeadsYesterday was my first beadmaking lesson of the year and it was brilliant. My student was Joy who is a Senior Certified Art Clay Instructor. You can take a look at her wonderful website by clicking here. Joy also makes beautiful enamelled jewellery but she'd never had a go at glass beadmaking before.

The picture above shows all the beads that Joy created in her seven hour beadmaking lesson. I've strung them in the order that she made them. Her first one was the plain blue one at the top and if you follow the strand round from there you'll see Joy's progression from plain round beads to frit beads, to dotty beads, then stringer beads, a squashed tab bead and finally a bubbledot bead.

How impressive is that?!

Joy sent me a lovely email last night which ended with :

"Please put in your blog that I think you are a great teacher and loved my day!!!"

Aw, thank you, Joy! I really enjoyed our day of glass melting too.

I have a couple of lessons left if you fancy having a go at lampwork. Please click here for more information about tuition.


Virginia Rees said...

WOW. How good are those, can't believe Joy hadn't done lampwork before. Well done Joy.
Keep up the good teaching Laura :o)

Nicky Ryan said...

They are some seriously fab beads ! I love the progression shot.

Lynne Glazzard said...

Wow, they are lovely and you got a huge amount done and I am envious at how even they are

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joy, they are brilliant!
Trouble is, I've realised my lesson is last or nearly last (end March) & there'll have been so many fantastic beads made by then that there's no way I'll be able to match up!
I intend having a great day whatever, though, Laura!
Kay x

Mel P said...

These are amazing well done Joy and Laura xx

Joy Funnell said...

Thanks for the kind comments folks. It really was a fun day that I would recommend to anyone. Best of all the postman has just arrived and now I actually have them in my hands. Still can't believe I made them!! Kay you will have a great time with Laura at your side. She is the best!

Laura said...

Such great comments, everyone!

Joy's beads are ace, aren't they?

Kay - we'll have a fab time!

And Joy, thanks for the compliments. I'm a-blushing!

BeadyPool said...

Wow - I am soooo worried now, the standard of first beads as tutored by Laura has been set really high ;) I hope my efforts are half as good. Well done Joy, they are fab.

Jo said...

Wow! I never would have thought that they were first time beads! Well done Joy!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

You can definitely see the progression. What a great idea stringing them together like that! Even the first one is fantastic. They are really beautiful and it sounds like a great day for you both!

Caroline B said...

I'm impressed! They all look good to my untrained eye but it's really interesting to see the progression.

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Joy they are incredible first beads!!!! I'm very jealous of your day with Laura!!! :D