Wednesday 21 January 2009

'Van Gogh' Lentils

R4 Van Gogh Lentil BeadsThere is an increasing number of magical silver-rich glasses available that produce beautiful multi-coloured, variegated and metallic effects. I buy the odd rod of silver-rich glass every now and again and I have a play and then I get bored with it quite quickly. I think it's because it has a bit of a mind of its own and therefore I can't have total control over what it does. You never quite know exactly what colour will develop and where. I'm such a control freak when it comes to glass!

I was sorting through a messy, cluttered drawer of glassy things the other day and I found a rod of R4 'Van Gogh' lurking in there so I decided it was time for one of those playing-about-with-glass moments. I came up with these pretty lentil beads. They're all a bit different but they go together, if that makes sense.

Do you like? Should I make more?


  1. You got some great colors out of that Van Gogh - I haven't had as much luck! Go ahead, make more!

  2. Thank you, Sue! It's a bit temperamental isn't it?

  3. OOOOH they are lovely, classy looking beads. make more! :o)

  4. They're lovely, Laura. Good winter colours too. Kay, So'ton x

  5. They are a lovely combination of colours and tones, I think I may have to get a bit to play with now :)


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