Wednesday 17 March 2010


CrocusesI just had to do a bit of Googling to find out what the plural of crocus is. Apparently it can be crocus, crocuses or croci. The latter sounds like some sort of mathematical term to me .....

Anyway, I was walking to the postbox earlier to post some beads and I saw the most gorgeous crowd of crocuses on a grass bank. The actual real life colour of them is the same as CiM Crocus (when you're a beadmaker you tend to convert all colours to glass colours) and lo and behold, when I photographed the crocuses on my iPhone the picture showed the flowers as more blue than they actually are which is exactly what happens when you photograph CiM Crocus beads!

So the beautiful blooms in the picture at the top of this post should in actual fact be closer in colour to this :

Creation Is Messy 'Crocus'See what I mean about the blueness? If I get a moment tomorrow I may go back and photograph the crocuses with my proper camera because I would really love to create a set of beads based upon their fabulous colours.

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  1. I am sure you would create some stunning beads based on their true colour.


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