Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cat Burglar

Buster the cat burglarI love it when cats are mischievous. Fellow cat owners will know what I mean. They get extra-alert, their ears and whiskers go all pointy and they get an artful glint in their eyes.

I was just sat here working on my sock knitting and Buster decided that he was going to pilfer some of his cat sweets that I bought him at the weekend. He's a very fussy animal. I have to go to a particular pet shop to get the cat treats that he likes. I tried him on some low fat ones the other week but it's almost as if he knew that they were diet ones and he refused to eat them. Can't say I blame him. I'm the same with any kind of diet or low fat food!

I grabbed my iPhone and quickly snapped Buster mid-thievery. Cat burglar in action!


Narrative jewelry said...

Thanks to share those photos of Buster, he seems to be a lovely boy and knows what's good in life !

Mel P said...

LOL cats are great. I love the fact that our lets Leon wrap him in bandages and play vets with him, he looks a little humiliated but just sits there.