Thursday 4 November 2010


Lampwork Glass Beads
I know I've been a tad quiet on the blogging front.  I've just been really busy.  Making beads, mainly.

Chris has been really busy at work which has meant late finishes which in turn equal late dinners.  At the times I'd normally be blogging I've been cooking instead. It's all a bit hectic here, really.  I've been missing regular blogging - I really must set aside time to get back into the swing of things.

I'm hoping to put a few beads in the Etsy shop at some point on Friday so do check there tomorrow.

In the meantime have a great Thursday!


  1. . . . once again, very chrisp and wonderful color-combination . . . last night i`m watching your video`s on youtube . . . im searching for the secret to making every bead a same size ;)) . . . and truly i didnt find yours, so . . i think its your charme ;))
    thank you for your post`s of it !!
    hugs and greets

  2. We'll be here waiting when you get more time, Laura. Hope it calms down a bit soon!

    Guido, if you buy Laura's Basic Round Bead tutorial, there's a lot more in it than just getting started and she lets us know how she does it.


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