Saturday 27 November 2010

'Winter Mix'

Clear and white lampwork glass beads
I made these beads yesterday as a kind of 'snow dance' in the hope that they would bring some snow to our little part of the world.  It kind of worked - this morning we woke up to a fine (read as 'pathetic') dusting of snow.  The sun has come out and most if it has thawed now.  Maybe we'll get some proper snow soon .....

You all seem to be absolutely loving the clear and white beads at the moment so I thought I'd make up a sort of icy glass bead potpourri to add to the Beads To Order page.  This strand contains four clear 'Sugar' beads, four white 'Snow' beads and ten 'White Shimmer' spacers.  I can imagine these with some crystal and silver in a frosty-looking charm bracelet.  It'd be just perfect for the festive period and would match the snow that seems to be slowly covering the UK.  The 'Winter Mix' strand costs £20.00 and is available here.

I've also made my 'Snow' beads available as sets of six and these can be found over on the Beads To Order page too.

Chris and I are making our Christmas cake this weekend.  I know, I know, we're late with it.  Recent family events threw everyday life up into the air but things are getting back to some kind of normality and I am determined to get the ingredients and get baking this weekend.  If we chuck enough brandy on the cake I'm sure it'll be fine in time for Christmas.

Right-o, I think it's about time to find my scarf and gloves and venture to the shops .....

Have a great Saturday!

EDIT : Just re-read this and I apologise for my ridiculous over-use of the word 'snow' in this post.


  1. How wunderful this is :)
    Seems really like the snow and the ice we have outside.

    from Manuela

  2. Love those beads and definately need a bit of snow based inspiration as look as though I maybe snowed in for a few more days yet! The white stuff arrived on Wednesday evening and is just getting thicker.....

  3. Lovely beads as alwasy, where we live in California should not snow, not at this level anyway, but the other day it was so cold it could have snowed, reminded me of the year we were in Oxford and they had the worst snow fall like in 40 years...
    stay warm,

  4. Love this set of beads, but please, no snow, not after last year's horror!

  5. Here, here, Caroline! Lovely, gorgeous beads but I don't want snow either! Due to all the icy pavements last year in December, people didn't come to the outdoor markets and my sales were down by half their normal festive levels. :-(

    Sorry to spoil your snow fun Laura, but I particularly don't want it to snow in Cambridge :-)

  6. Beautiful beads - they look so wintry.


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