Sunday, 19 June 2011

Oh, Lush Henna!

(Just so you know, I sang that title to the tune of Ultravox's Vienna.)

A couple of weeks ago I asked Twitter for shampoo and conditioner recommendations and two lovelies, Sarah and Deepa, who makes beautiful jewellery, told me to try Lush.  I'll be honest here, I'd always avoided Lush because the smell that wafted out of its shop door always made me wrinkle my nose up and the one time I went inside a Lush store I found the smell so overpowering I had to leave. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.  So to avoid smell trauma I placed an order on the Lush website and I got myself some Curly Wurly shampoo and some Coolaulin conditioner.  

I am so very glad I did.

Curly Wurly is without a doubt the best shampoo I've ever used.  It smells of vanilla and coconut, detangles my curls and leaves my hair soft and bouncy.  The Coolaulin is also coconutty, works like a dream and leaves a really nice shine.

I popped to town in the week and while I was there I thought I'd brave Lush. Yes, the smell was strong but I think my love for their wonderful shampoo and conditioner cancelled that right out and I mooched around the place smelling this and sniffing that and I left with a pot of Rub Rub Rub shower scrub which is fabulous!  The girl in the shop gave me a copy of the Lush Times and there was a whole page in there about their henna.  

I've been dyeing my hair for about ten years now.  I started to get greys when I was about twenty-three and by the time I was twenty-seven they were really annoying me and the semi-permanent dyes I had been using just didn't work so I switched to permanent colours.  Every time I dyed my hair I hated it; hair dye smells so chemical and it would sting my scalp, make my eyes hurt and it would make my hair dry.  After a dye job my hair would be dull and dead-looking.

The Lush henna article and reviews convinced me to give it a go and yesterday I bought a block of Caca Brun henna.  I grated the entire block into a glass bowl, added just-boiled water and stirred it into a green paste. The green of the mix was a bit worrying;  it was a very nice shade of green but so very different to 'normal' hair dye.  I had a lot of fun slapping the mud-like concoction all over my locks and I was pleased that I put newspaper down as it did make a mess.  I then wrapped my hair in clingfilm, much to Chris' amusement (he said I looked like a Mutoid from Blake's 7), for two hours and then I removed the clingfilm for a further two hours.  Then the massive washing out process took place.  I washed it out with some Karma Komba shampoo and Jungle conditioner and was delighted to see that all my greys had blended away.  I applied a little R&B hair moisturiser and let my hair air dry - I didn't use any mousse, serum or other styling products.  This morning I woke up with shiny, soft, bouncy curls that smell fantastic.  My hair is now a rich dark chocolate brown that shines ever-so-slightly red in the light.

Yes, the henna made a mess, and yes, it's way more time consuming than chemical dye application but it feels so much nicer and the effects are so much better.  The colour is more natural-looking and my hair feels brilliant.  I really can't see myself going back to chemical dyes now.

But I'll tell you what I can see; lots more Lush purchases!  I am really impressed with their products, customer service and ethics.  I've even become immune to the shop smell.

Thank you, Lush.  You've totally transformed my hair!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Lush in any way (other brands are available) and I'm not being paid or rewarded to write about their wonderful products. I'm just a very impressed customer and newly-converted Lush addict. 


Sarah said...

Great to hear you like the products. I love the whole Lush ethos, minimal packaging etc and the stunning products too.
My favourite is the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, wierd for a start using Jelly in the shower but it last for ages and smells lovely.

Littletreats said...

I do love Lush... I haven't been able to buy any for so long, but when I left my last job they got me a Lush gift box, and it was the best present!


Sue Doran said...

Nobody's anti palm oil stance is stronger than Lush's so I've been a fan for a long time. I really like the way my bathroom smells after using their products. The staff in the Cambridge shop worry about me if I don't go in at least once a month!

hello gorgeous said...

ooo, sounds fantastic!!! do they have anything for blondes???? Looking to get rid of my grey/white{!} hairs ;oO

I've never been a customer purely because of the over-powering smells wafting out of their shops.....but your experience is quite inspiring ;o)

Happy it was a VERY positive outcome for you sweetie...


hello gorgeous xxx

crafts@home said...

I love Lush, and I love the overpowering smell!!! Your bathroom is beginning to sound like mine! Curly Wurly is simply the best! I use the purple solid shampoo if I'm in a hurry though.... I can only henna my hair as my whole face swelled up the last time I used chemicals! It conditions it so beautifully :)
Sue Xxx

Caroline B said...

I get a headache just walking past their shops with that smell, so it was only recently that I have tried their products when I was given some. Must admit that in my home and on their own they are rather lovely - thanks for telling us they have a website as perhaps I can shop there without the nausea & headache!

Noemi said...

I started using henna in my late teens, and the whole process even though is a mess was fun, I even started to use a henna that doesn't add colour to your hair, but just the benefits. Back then, I did't have grey hairs and I loved changing my hair colour, now, that I need to dye my hair I love my natural colour and I hate the whole process of henna.
What´s wrong with me?

SilverNikNats said...

I read on your twitter that you liked the curly wirly shampoo so while I was shopping today I poped into lush to take a look, when the kind assistant what I was looking for I said a chocolate sented shampoo (thinking curly whirly chocolate bar) the assistant had no idea what I was going on about but kindly talked me through every other product in the shop, then as I walked out I saw it and it clicked! Doh a bit of a dizzy moment!
With the henna dye was your hair ever-so-slightly red before the henna or just after? Only asking as I would like to try henna but I dye my hair to cover the brown but very very red in the light color.

Laura said...

HG - No, they do a hair treatment called Marilyn which is for blonde hair but henna will only darken/redden.

Niki - Ha! The name is a tad confusing. No, my hair was boring brown before and the henna has added a touch of red - only ever so slight. If you want more brown you should use the Caca Brun and leave it uncovered (no clingflim) for two to three hours.

Laura x

Deepa said...

Just remembered I meant to reply to this! :) I am so glad you are getting on so well with them all. they are lovely, I am nearly due for a henna treatment soon.