Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beads and stuff

Lampwork Glass Beads

My goodness, last week was one of those weeks where nothing seemed to go right. Amongst other things, one of my guinea pigs, Lisa, died. She was one of the younger two and the vet and I have no idea what was wrong with her. Very sad.

But hey, I'll keep it light.

I've been having a warm indoors day today. My feet froze yesterday and the walk to and from Slimming World finished them off. I haven't been able to get my foots properly warm since! So I've been inside the house, cleaning and photographing beads and playing with Mister Nigel.

Nigel in the snow

Nigel seems to like the snow. He was a bit unsure of it at first but he keeps asking to go outside and then he runs around like a maniac for about three minutes and when I open the back door to let him in, he skids into the lounge, across the laminate floor and greets me with a "Brrrrrmmmiaaow!"

Anyway, yes, beads. I've strung and sorted the orange and pink beads at the top of this post into sets and they're on the Freshly Baked Beads page. There is also a large strand of Lonelies beads waiting for a new home as well.

Lampwork Glass Beads

And lots of you seemed to like the etched heart beads sets I made last week so I have made some of them available for ordering. There are currently five colours to choose from and each set of thirteen beads costs £20.00. All the details can be found here.

Have a super duper Tuesday evening!


Sue Doran said...

So sorry to hear about your guinea pig, Laura, it's horrible losing a well-loved pet, I know how it feels :-( Extra cuddles for the others and Nigel.

I've had really cold feet this morning, too. I was asking myself what it means when your toes are so cold they feel like they're burning, either my tootsies are fantasizing about being in front of a fire ... or frostbite! ;-)

Cassandra said...

This hot mixture of beads took my breath away - I love them together! You make such perfect beads.. Happy to hear Mr Nigel is enjoying the snow, briefly. Sorry about little Lisa though.

You can call me Lyssa... said...

Hi Laura, missing your posts. Hope Nigel is doing well.

Breatheeasy said...

Hey....I was just browsing and before I could move on to the next blog, that pic of the cat in the snow got me. Hilarious on how that cat reacts too. Good stuff here as well and I really like the blog set up.