Friday, 11 January 2013

'Iced Latte' & 'Dusk'

Etched Lampwork Glass Beads

I seem to be on an etched bead roll at the minute.

I just read that sentence back and I thought it said 'etched bread roll'.

I have baking on the brain at the minute.

But anyway, yes, these sets are available right now (you know where) and I reckon that these beads would make gorgeous bracelets. Or maybe necklaces. Or ... oh, I'll leave that up to you!

Nigel is 'helping' me write this post and it's getting a bit awkward so I'll say cheerio for now.

Have a nice night!

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Amber said...

You'll have to get used to Nigel 'helping' you with all sorts of things...typing, photographing beads, wrapping presents...cats are incredibly 'helpful' like that!