Tuesday 12 March 2013

'Red Noses'

Lampwork glass beads for Comic Relief

I've made these beads especially for Comic Relief.

I was going to eBay them BUT I am not happy with eBay's insistence that my home address, email address and mobile phone number HAVE TO be displayed on the listing. There are a lot of wrong'uns out there and you can never be too careful ...

Instead, I am selling them here on my blog. All the money I receive for these beads will go directly to Comic Relief and once I have made the donation I will post proof of the financial transaction here.
Lampwork glass beads for Comic Relief
There are two of these 'Red Noses' sets for sale. Each set consists of eight 13mm diameter enamelled red rounds and eight 9mm diameter black and white donut-shaped spacers. They're just waiting for you to turn them into wearable loveliness.

I'm asking for £20.00 per set including postage to the UK. That resulting £40.00 could buy eight two person mosquito nets which would protect sixteen people from potentially-fatal mosquito bites that spread malaria.


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