Thursday 28 March 2013

Moonlitnight Creations

'Stormy Skies' bracelet by Claire Francis

Claire Francis has been a bead customer of mine for many years now. As well as being a thoroughly lovely person (I've met Claire in actual real life) she makes absolutely beautiful jewellery too.

Bridal bracelet by Claire Francis

The other evening, when I was feeling a little bit glum, my email inbox ding-beeped and I was delighted to open an email from Claire that instantly cleared my bad mood. She had sent me a wodge of photographs of jewellery that she had made using my beads.

'Purple Polka Dot' earrings by Claire Francis

I can't pick a favourite because I think they're all stunners but I tell you, if I could wear earrings* those spotty ones would be dangling from my lobes right about now. I love them!

'Shades of Citrine' bracelet by Claire Francis

Claire sells her work via Folksy and most of these items are available in her shop - Moonlitnight Creations - where you will find countless other pieces that will make you ooh-and-aah with jewellery lust.

'Aubergine & Saffron' bracelet by Claire Francis

So thank you, Claire, for cheering up my face with your wonderful work.

'Sea Glass & Lampwork' bracelet by Claire Francis

Have you got any photos of items that you've made with my beads? If so, please email me and let me have a look-see.

Right. I have a stack of frit beads to clean and string.

Have a good Thursday!

* I had my ears pierced when I was sixteen. I wore earrings with no trouble until I was about twenty-seven and then all of a sudden my ears went all horrid. I left them alone without wearing earrings for months on end but whenever I try wearing earrings (and I've tried gold, sterling silver, titanium, nickel free, niobium and youwillnotbeallergicium) my ears instantly react and go wrong again. It's mighty annoying because I love earrings but never mind, eh? So yeah, that's why I can't wear Claire's spotty earrings. But you probably could ...


  1. Hi Laura. I love seeing your beads. :o)

    I had the same problems with my ears and even blogged about it. Rather than typing it all here, I'll just give you a link to my story. I was amazed, as I thought I had developed an allergy but it wasn't...just a little 'infection". Sounds gross but now I can wear earrings when I want to! It's been so long though that I forget that I can even wear them.

    I hope it helps!

  2. How frustrating not to be able to wear your own beads hanging from your ears, Laura! Have you tried the magnetic earrings (you can get them from Claire's). They get uncomfortable eventually but they are ok for a few hours?...

  3. oops, and mean to say, love those bracelets, gorgeous!

  4. I've always had the same problem with wearing earrings, and someone recently suggested putting vaseline on the earwires. Now I coat the earwires with vaseline before putting them in my ears and I get absolutely no itching at all.

    Regarding Lori's post about the infection, maybe her problem was resolved by just putting something "goopy" on her earwires and not by the anti-bacterial agent in the Neosporin. Either way, when I visited England five years ago and got a bad cut while I was there, I tried finding Neosporin at the pharmacy (chemist?) and didn't see it on the shelves. If you can't get the Bacitracin that Lori suggested, just try vaseline. Maybe you'll get lucky and the "goop" is all you need. :^)


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