Saturday 20 April 2013


Lampwork Glass Beads by Laura Sparling

Years ago, I wrote a tutorial that showed you how to make petal beads. The other day I was asked by a Twitter person if I could make them some petal-ish beads. I was sat retraining my hands and brain to make them and as I did so I fell in love with the third stage in the petal-making process; a tiny spacer with a droplet of glass attached to it.

So yesterday I decided to make a whole set of these Droplet beads.

And I did.

And I love them.

But that's not always a good thing. It always seems to be that whenever I fall in love with a bead idea, nobody else does. But I love these SO much I am going to make a set of them for me in reds and purples and I'm going to string them on sturdy jewellery elastic. No silver, no other beads - just these - and they will be a bracelet.

Lampwork Glass Beads by Laura Sparling

They feel amazing; so very tactile and very lightweight to wear. And they catch the light beautifully. Oh, and the droplets are firmly attached. I tested this by dropping the prototypes onto the patio and they held firm. Obviously, don't go around throwing glass beads onto hard surfaces (because they are glass) but know that these are durable and the droplets will not ping off. You can see from the close up above that they are secure.

Each droplet base bead is 6mm diameter and the droplets themselves are the same so they're only about 12-13mm across.

Lampwork Glass Beads by Laura Sparling

This 'Mermaid' set of Droplet beads is over in my Folksy shop priced at £21.00 for the strand of forty beads. I'm thinking I'll need about fifty for a full bracelet. In my head, I've made these in an array of colours; I've imagined them in pinks and greens, reds and oranges, clear and white, forest greens ...

But yeah, like I say, not everyone likes what I like. But if you do, and you'd like a stretch bracelet made of these in your choice of colour, please send me an email. Price per bracelet would be £25.00 with free delivery to the UK and £3.50 postage anywhere else.

There are also some etched beads for sale in the Folksy shop and I've reduced the price of a couple of last week's sets too, so do pootle on over for a look-see.

I'm working on my new website today so I'll have hurty computer eyes and high stress levels by the dinner time.

I hope it's as nice wherever you are as it is here. The actual sun is actually sunshining!

Have a super duper Saturday,


  1. Those beads are really neat! I would design with them. I see lots of earrings designs that could be made with them....

  2. I love these! Such a nice concept too:) And those colors, wow!


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