Tuesday, 2 April 2013

'Twilight Speckle'

Lampwork Glass Beads

The other day, whilst hunting for spare flints for my spark lighter, I found a bag of frit that I forgot I had. It is Double Helix 'Terra' frit and it's gorgeous. It's a mix of browns in its un-melted form but by applying heat at various intensities you can bring out purples, blues, greens and even pinks. It really is a lovely glass.

I've put it on black here, encased it in clear and the resulting beads remind me of the colours of the sky and clouds at twilight at the end of a sunny day. These are available in strands of seven beads in my Folksy shop.

Hasn't it been a gorgeous day? Chilly but sunshiny.

Nigel did a spot of sunbathing on my shed roof which made a nice change from his current hobby of killing birds. 

I'm currently working on a brand new website and I'm really excited about it; it's all proper and it's going to have a shopping cart and all that jazz. I'm hoping it'll be complete by the start of May.

Also, big thanks to Lori who left a really helpful comment on my last blog post regarding my not being able to wear earrings any longer. She gave me a link to a blog post that she wrote about her own experience of the same problem.

Time to make some tea and do some techno-website-fafferations ...