Monday, 19 August 2013


Lampwork glass beads

I'll not lie; I'm finding it flipping hard work keeping up with all the digital places I'm supposed to be. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, mailing list, blog, website - it's crazy, this cyberwold in which we live!

Anyway, I'm here. And I've got two lots of new glass beads to show you. The 'Vanilla & Honey' ones up top ...
Lampwork glass beads

... and these 'Midnight' beads are available in my shop right now as I type.

So what's happened since I last blogged?

Well ... Nigel got ill but then he got better and then Martha, one of my guineas, got ill but she didn't get better and all in all I've spent far too much time at the vet.

Nigel in his carrier, clearly impressed by the situation

Nigel is due to have his manparts operation next week so I'll be back there again but hopefully that'll be quite straightforward. For me. Nigel, not so much but it's for his own good. He's also being microchipped (I'm referring to his vet appointment as his 'Chop-n-Chip') as the bugger will NOT wear a collar. We've got through four collars and tags since he came to live with us and he only wore the last one for a couple of hours.

I've caught up with all my bead orders (there were moments there where I thought I'd never reach the end of them but YAY I did!) and I'm now working on a couple of new bracelet designs. Hoping to have those ready by the end of the week.

Lots of other life stuff has been happening but that's not for here. I think it's all on the up now, though, so that's good.

OOOH, I'm expecting the arrival of a new laptop this week! This is very exciting. You know mine broke yonks ago? Well, I've been borrowing Chris' one but it's a work machine and I don't have full time access to it. Also, I'm unable to download any software or useful stuff (like Acrobat) without Chris getting it authorised at work which is a pain. The laptop won't talk to my laser printer either so it's all been very annoying and irksome and I'd be right up the swanny without my iPhone. But yes, I have ordered a lovely Dell Inspiron 15R laptop which is due to arrive on Wednesday. I was after a red one but it was an additional forty quid and I figured that most of the time the lid will be open, facing away from me and I didn't see the point. So it's black and silver which is fine by me. It'll just be amazing to have my own computer again. We seriously do not realise how much we need these things until they're not there.

I've not done a discount code for a while so here you go - just enter AUGUST10 at checkout to get ten percent off anything on my website. (Code is valid until midnight on 22/08/13)

I think that's pretty much it from me. I hope all is dandyfine in your world?

Have a good rest-of-your-Monday,

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Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Lovely new beads!
At first I thought Nigel was your husband/partner...then I realised he wasn't. Hope his Chop-n-Chip goes well :D