Monday, 7 October 2013

A bracelet and some beads

Lampwork glass bracelet

I've spent all weekend in the shed. I know. I'm a crazywild party machine and I need to calm the flip-heck down.

I made the 'Auburn & Amber' bracelet up there which consists of glass of just two colours - a red-brown and a medium amber. I kept the beads simple and the mini baubles are headpins*. The piece is finished with an acorn and oak leaf charm dangle at the clasp. All findings are copper and 'antique' copper plated. The bracelet looks absolutely gorgeous when the sun shines through it ...

Lampwork glass bracelet

There's only one of these bracelets available and it's for sale in my shop.

I also got my Halloween on and made two sets of beads in classic spookytime colour combinations; black and orange and purple and green.

Lampwork glass beads

Each strand of beads contains nine encased rounds, ten droplets and eight spacers. Again, there's only one set of each up for grabs so if you like them, grab them

I must do a boring what-is-going-on-in-my-life-that-is-not-about-beads post. I know that a couple of you like those. I will get on that as soon as I can. It won't be tonight as Monday nights are Slimming World nights. I still go even though I'm at my target weight. Those weekly weigh-ins keep me and my arse/pudding belly/thighs in check.

Have a marvellous Monday!

*Headpins. Remember how I was going to send folk lampwork headpins to test? Well, I asked for ten people and I got forty. I said yes to half of those. I then sent the first lot of headpins out to half of those and only had feedback from one person. So I've not sent any more headpins out because I can't afford to spend time, glass and postage giving stuff away and getting nothing back. So if you were in the batch of people who didn't receive a headpin bundle from me, that is the reason why. My apologies but I hope you understand.

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Sue Moore said...

Hi Laura,

I was wondering about the headpins! Not to worry, I can understand the reason for your decision.
I was looking forward to having a play, but also worried about doing them justice!!

Sue x