Thursday, 31 October 2013

'Little Bit '80s' & 'Pinkurple'

Lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling
I cannot believe it's over a fortnight since my last blog post. That's awfulness. I've had flu, Nigel was really ill and another of my guinea pigs died so it's just been one thing after another but I think things are looking up now.

I was digging about in one of my glass boxes the other day (I don't have fancy organised glass rod storage because I know it would never stay organised) and I found half a rod of Effetre Amber Rose. This was an odd-lot of glass from about, oooh, ten-ish years ago now. Effetre never replicated it but it is such a pretty colour; kind of a pinky-peachy amber, as its name suggests. I teamed it with some CiM Chai and some soft grey to make this 'Little Bit '80s' set. Peach-pink and soft grey together always conjures up images of legwarmers and bubble perms in my mind.

And I also made a pink and purple set which I called 'Pinkurple' because it's pink and purple. Yes.
Lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling
Both these sets are £18.50 each and they're for sale here.

I'd best get on with the beadmakery. Have a good day.

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Paoletta Perlevaniglia said...

Gorgeous beads, as always, of course.
I'm very sorry fot your illness and also for your little guinea pig :(
I hope you will have a great Halloween, by the way.