Thursday, 19 December 2013

Strawberry, Lonelies & Bargains

Lampwork glass strawberry bead necklace

I'm trying not to do the headless chicken thing this year but it's brewing! I can feel the panic starting to rise within me.

All my bead orders are complete. As such this gives me time to play with glass. Woohoo!

I've just added a sweet sterling silver strawberry necklace to the shop so if you're in need of a last minute Christmas present, that can be found here.
Lampwork glass beads
I've also emptied my Lonelies jar for the last time this year and this strand can be found here.

And finally, I've reduced the prices of a few in stock bead sets so grab yourself a bargain!

Must rush; I have bead orders to pack and a dozen TO DO lists to write.

Have a good day!


Aimee Moisa said...

Dear Laura, what lovely Lonelies! And your strawberries always look like they would be a delicious treat dipped in whipped cream or chocolate.

I know what you mean about the Christmas panic, it feels like a freight train is barreling down the tracks at me and I'm caught, like a deer in the headlamp.

This year I had such grand plans to start everything the day after our Thanksgiving (November 28th): buying the tree, decorating, Christmas cards, Amazon shopping (I live on Kauai so there's not a lot of selection for high quality children's gifts here), you name it, and the day after Thanksgiving I woke up with a sore throat that devolved into a full on cold within a few hours. I was laid up all weekend, and then my hubby and daughter got sick too. It took another two weeks to just get the tree, and by that point the cheapest trees were all gone, and the rest of the trees had lost half their needles (not a lot of selection for Christmas trees here on Kauai, either :). Finally, the tree got done, and then our new kitten, Sparky, decided to attack the tree. That story's on my blog. :)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm still not done, so I'm right with you! Christmas cards are waiting to be signed, presents haven't been wrapped, and the house... well, there are Christmas tree pine needles EVERYwhere, and the daughter's bedroom will need a proper purging before any of her new toys will be able to fit in. I don't even bother with Christmas baking. We live in a small place and don't have an oven.

Just remember how relieved you'll feel when the holidays are over and you can relax. :)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!

Laura Sparling said...

Aw, Aimee, thank you for such a lovely comment.

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you're better now.

Yup, I think this weekend will be a very manic one but like you say, it'll all be over soon.

Will pop over to your blog.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 to you too!

Laura x