Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Beads

Lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

I've added two strands of these 'Fuchsia' beads to the shop. These are Rubino Oro cased in clear, decorated with purple. Each strand contains nine pink beads and a dozen spacers and costs £23.00. Available here.
Lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling
And there's one set of these 'Monkey' beads too. They were inspired by a photo of my Twitter buddy @monkeydogify's teal green fingernails against her bright red hair, so I've called them 'Monkey' after her. (Cheers, Monkey!) The strand costs £18.00 and can be found here.

There's also a couple of small polka dotty sets and some Acorn & Oak Leaf necklaces in the shop too.

Good news on the shower front! It's all working. A bottle of One Shot sink and drain unblocker (which is pure acid so go careful if you ever use it) did the trick and it is SO nice to have a shower without me humming the Countdown theme in a very urgent fashion.

There'll be more new beads on Saturday.

Have a great night,