Monday 24 February 2014

A splash of sunshine

Lampwork glass bead bracelet

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here. I'm sat here packing up orders (waiting for the propane man to bring me a gas refill) with the back door open. Nigel's running in and out of the place like a mad thing and Ruth is outside in her run, munching grass. She's a bit better but not quite right. I'm going to see how she goes today and tomorrow and then I might call the vet. Again.

Before my gas sputtered out yesterday morning I was able to make some amber-yellow beads for a couple of heart bracelets. I know yellow is always a dodgy colour because you either like to wear it or hate to do so. I'm the latter. Yellow looks awful on me. But hey, maybe it looks fabulous on you or someone you know? There are two of these 'Sunshine' bracelets for sale in my shop.

I've just made a few changes to my postage options. Prices have stayed the same but I've added the options of Special Delivery and International Signed For for those who like a little extra peace of mind. All postage, packing and dispatch details can be found here.

Oooh, gas man has just pulled up outside. I'd better go and see to that.

Have a good day!


  1. Loving your heart bracelets Laura! I do hope Ruth gets better soon!

  2. I love the colour of the beads that you have used in this jewellery bracelet design and congratulations on creating a lovely piece of jewellery with so many distractions
    This is the first time that I have come across your blog and I have been over to your shop and you have some lovely jewellery designs it will be one that I am watching they are lovely


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