Thursday, 20 February 2014

More heart things

Lampwork glass 'Prettiness' bracelet
I've been quiet because I've been juggling making beads with looking after my unwell guinea pig. She had an operation a few days ago and she's not recovered very well. I think I'll be off to the vet again later. But here I be now with a little bead update.

There are two more Rose heart sets and some new Steel grey ones. There are also two more of the lavender Prettiness bracelets made up. All of these are available here.

I'll have some more beady things very soon. I just need to clean, string/assemble and photograph them. I don't know if that'll be tonight or tomorrow; depends on how things go with Ruth pig.

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Aimee Moisa said...

I wish you well with your Ruth Piggy.

We have two Piggies, Scarlet and Sweetie. We're planning a move from Hawaii to California in June so I had to call the airline today to see if we could ship the Piggies in coach with us, but they said no. They'd put the Piggies in the hold with the luggage. Poor Piggies!

I hope Ruthie gets better quickly!