Monday, 1 March 2021

Spring things and bead things


I keep seeing people posting photos of springtime flowers emerging - lovely crocuses, daffodils and grape hyacinths and the like. Every year I mean to plant bulbs and corms like that but I never do.


I've got naff all in my back garden except for daisies. That's okay, though, because I flipping adore daisies. They're just little flowers of sheer perfection.

This morning I noticed that a couple of little daffodil things have sprouted out in the front garden, though. 

Little daffodil things

A few years back I bought one of those cheapo cardboard tubs of little daffodils that they sell in Tesco Express. When the flowers went over I planted the bulbs out the front thinking "Well, you've got two options; you can live or die" and every year since a couple of little yellow flowers have emerged. I always forget that they're there so when they pop their heads up I'm always "Oh yeah! I remember you!" at them.

Handmade lampwork glass big hole beads by Laura Sparling

In bead news, I made a couple more orange and purple big hole ones yesterday. I'm not sure about one of them (the one in the bottom right) but it might just be me being super-critical of my own work. I'll give it a couple of days and see what I think. Sometimes I think a bead has dot placement issues and when I go back to it a day or so later I can't actually see the problem that I was initially concerned about.

I'm really pleased with the one in the centre of that strand, though. This one:

Handmade lampwork glass big hole bead by Laura Sparling

He's about 20mm diameter x 9mm and he has many many dots. Lots of breath-holding and careful melting-in required during its making.

Handmade lampwork glass big hole bead by Laura Sparling

I made more dotty big hole beads today, this time in lavender bush kind of colours.

Glass stringers

Handmade lampwork glass big hole bead by Laura Sparling

The bead in the photo is still hot so those aren't its true colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what the bead looks like when it's cool.

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