Friday 26 August 2022

Even more bracelets

Handmade lampwork glass bead bracelets by Laura Sparling

Cutting down on my Instagram usage is doing wonders for my beadmaking. It's been ages since I've been eager to get into the shed in the mornings but this past week I've really enjoyed myself in there, planning out bracelets in my head and then making them a reality.

Handmade lampwork glass bead bracelet by Laura Sparling
'Petal Pink'

Handmade lampwork glass bead bracelet by Laura Sparling

I've just put these two in my shop. I've also put a second 'Seashore' bracelet in there too.

On the walk to my foodbank shift this morning I listened to a YouTube video by Julia Bausenhardt. Julia is an illustrator who quit social media and her reasons for doing so really resonated with me, especially as far as Instagram is concerned. Click here to watch the video but if you prefer reading words, Julia has also written about turning her back on social media on her blog.

I'm off to continue working on a crochet doily now. It's been far too hot for working on the two crochet blankets I've got on the go and I finished knitting a pair of socks last week and making those was hard work in the heatwave. I've not made a doily for a couple of months but Draiguna released a new pattern called 'Sunvale' and it's so pretty I just couldn't resist crocheting it.

Crochet doily in progress

This'll be another one for my ever-growing doily stack but I don't care because I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from making them. Making stuff for the fun of it is fun.


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