Friday, 30 November 2007


These are a set of lentil beads which I've called 'Espresso'.

I love coffee. Totally love it. But I don't drink it half as much as I'd like to. I kind of gave up drinking coffee at home a few years back because I found that it made my hands shake. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a trembling wreck and the shaking was minimal but enough to affect my beadmaking. Applying hair-thin stringer is difficult at the best of times but quivery hands make it nearly impossible. I read somewhere that cutting out coffee helps with the shakey-hand thing so I switched to tea and voila - no more wibbly fingers!

So now I only drink coffee on days when I'm not making beads (er, not often then) which tends to be when I'm up in Cambridge. Chris and I went to Starbucks at the weekend and I had one of their seasonal Creme Brulee Lattes. How lush was that?! So lush that I broke my no coffee rule and had another last night when I popped into town .......


Catherine said...

Beautiful beads Laura!!

Me too, I love coffee but I do drink it every single day. I get an awful headache if I don't. Ooops, that's not good is it!

You did some more Christmas shopping then fortified with a good cup of caffeine?

Laura said...

Thanks Catherine!

Nope - I didn't do any Christmas shopping. I looked but didn't buy anything. I'm rubbish!

Laura x