Thursday, 15 November 2007

These beads need a name

I've been quiet - not much bead news to report, really.

My fabulous earring kit from Lynne at The Dragonfly Company arrived on Monday and I had a lovely time making the jewellery. I think I may be ever-so-slightly hooked on the chain maille thing. If you fancy having a go at chain maille then I really recommend the earring kit.

I will have some beads for sale on my website tonight. One of the sets is a larger version of the one above. They're ivory and turquoise and they've been etched to a matt finish. The ivory glass has done that 'dirty-look' caramel striation thing which makes them look kind of ancient. The four beads pictured here are up for grabs in another naming competition. Normal rules apply - post your name suggestions for these in my comments section, I'll pick my favourite at 8.00pm (GMT) tonight and the supplier of my favourite name gets the four beads pictured. You can post as many names as you like.

One last thing - thank you to both Maria Joao and Siana who both sent me the 'Cat Alarm Clock' video. Buster is just like this cat in the mornings. In actual fact he bit my leg this morning because I wasn't getting his food ready fast enough! I'll just have to hope he doesn't get hold of a baseball bat . . . . . .


Gemheaven said...

Ok here goes

Ancient Pottery

Still thinking lol

Beverley Abbott said...

Fantastic beads as per usual Laura!
I have just made my first chain maille bracelet and got my stuff from lynn too - she is dead helpful!!
Not right good at naming stuff but will have a good old think about it this morning!
Love Bev x

Beverley Abbott said...

OOh, isnt it funny but just read Jo's comments and I had already thought they looked ancient or something like that so what about -

Ancient adornments

love bev x

Billy said...

Hi Laura

How about...



DragonflyLynne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your kit Laura! Thank you Laura and Bev for your lovely comments.

Here are my name offerings for your gorgeous beads:

Relics of the Lost Ark
Inca Treasures
Ivory Treasures
Archeological Dig
Times Gone By
Past Times

South West
Sants Fe
New Mexico

King Tut
Tomb Beads

Lynne x

Anonymous said...

My first post. Loving the beads today, they are fabulous

How about:

creamy menthols
or mint creams

Can you tell I'm going with a minty theme lol?


beth said...

Superb beads Laura - they'd go well with some creamy white mountain jade beads I have . . . sigh!

I so agree with the ancient civilisations connections, particularly with Ancient Egypt. They also remind me of Indian women in linen picking tea leaves and sun baked decorated pottery and bullrushes and parchment etc etc


Caroline B said...

I like these a lot! How about:
Roman holiday
Veni Vidi Vici
Temple Treasures
Glorious Maximus
Birth of Venus
Mosaic Marbles
Aphrodite's Amulets my brain hurts wiv all the finking wot I done...
Caroline x

Laura said...

All good names, everyone!

I have an email entry from Mandee who has suggested the following :

Native Navajo
Burial Beads
Odyssey (as in Greek)
Classic mint imperials

Laura x

DragonflyLynne said...

Relics of the Lost Art
Pow Wow

I'll keep on thinking!
Lynne x

Caroline B said...

Poseidon's Plunder
Pompeiian Porcelain Pebbles

..and that's me done for the day!

Melissa said...

How about 'Empress Beads'

Karen said...

Nope, minds gone blank.

I'll just have to hover around your website for the other ones.

Gorgeous beads by the way.

Karen x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

gorgeous beads Laura but my brain hurts today!!! :(

J xx

DragonflyLynne said...

Ming Dynasty
Imperial Relics
Emperor's New Beads
Cote d'Ivoire

Lynne x

nella said...


Such exquisite beads - even the Ancient Greeks and Romans would have fought over them!

Take care

Samantha said...

Gorgeous beads! Here goes:

Winter Sky
Turquoise Etchings
Ancient Snow
Sky Stone

DragonflyLynne said...

Cirque de Soleil

Lynne x

BeadyBugs said...

Lurvely beads Laura!

I don't know why...sat too near the bead release again probably ;-), but they made me think of the Brighton Pavillion when I saw them. So I thought I'd chuck it in the pot:

Brighton pavillion

...or derivatives thereof.

HP x

Anonymous said...

how about

Parchment Pebbles
Cryptic Copper Cremes
Aquaroma Rounds