Saturday 17 November 2007

Grrrrr and Brrrrr!

Yeah, I know I'm not meant to be here as I'm supposed to be in Cambridge. I'm now going next weekend which annoyingly means I have to wait a-whole-nother week 'til I see my boyfriend. Rubbish!

As I type I am waiting for the boiler engineer man to come and fix the central heating which packed up yesterday afternoon. Dad's away on holiday for two weeks and before he went he left me a list of numbers to call if something were to go wrong with the heating, electricity, phones etc and I said he was making a fuss and that nothing was going to happen! How wrong was I?

So now I'm sat here shivering wearing a jumper, a cardigan, a terrible brown knitted wrap-type thing (bought it last year - goodness knows what possessed me to purchase such a hideous item of clothing but I'm sure glad I've got it now!) and super-fluffy-pink-stripy-knee-length socks under my jeans. I look like a crazy-socked Jedi.

Buster's cold too. He's buried himself under the cushions on the armchair - see above.

Also, Vittorio (my Vespa) decided to conk out on me on Thursday. He won't start - just makes a quiet whirring noise when I press the ignition. The fastener on my crash helmet is broken too. Pants!

Something somewhere is telling me not to travel or leave the house, methinks.


  1. Oh Laura! You sound like you've had a really really bad week. Often all the bad things come at once but at least it can only get better.

    You painted a very attractive picture of yourself! You need your boyfriend to come and warm you up!

    Your cattypus looks so sweet snuggled in the pillows. Best place to be I think!

    Catherine x

  2. Exactly, Catherine - it can only get better!

    Hmmmmm yes, I look mighty attractive. If Chris could see me now I think he'd run a mile!

    I'm STILL waiting for the engineer to arrive .....

    Laura x

  3. Of course the boiler chose the chilliest week so far this winter to conk out for you! Your outfit sounds lurvely.... Hope it all gets sorted soon!

  4. hmmm...stripey knee length socks you say?


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