Tuesday, 4 December 2007

It's bead naming time!

I made these greeny-bluey beads and I can't think of a decent name for them!

If you've got any thoughts please post your name suggestions in my comments section. You can post as many names as you like. I'll pick my favourite name at 7.00 pm (GMT) tomorrow night and the winner will receive the pair of 18mm lentil beads pictured below.


Laura said...

I've just got an email entry from Lynne S who has suggested the following :

'Venetian Lagoon'
'Deep Water'


Byzantine said...

Hi L

They remind me of 'fisherman floats'...
Have a look at this link:
so with you mark...my contribution is...

'Ocean Kanji's'???

Byzantine x

Laura said...

Wow! I've never even heard of them before. You learn something new every day! Cheers Byzantine! :o)

Laura said...

Another email entry, this time from Pam who suggests :

'Blue Voyager'
'Mystic Seas'
'Blue Lagoon'


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Hi Laura,

Gorgeous beads!

My contributions are...

Azure wishes
Radical blue
Persian Glow



Janine xx

Anonymous said...

They remind me of really deep dark sea water so Morgawr from me - a rather illusive Cornish sea monster.
or Morbihan - as in the gulf of in Brittany

Anonymous said...

Another from me: Lyonesse

Catherine said...

Tropical waters

Leah said...

Hi Laura

Just looking at them reminds me of the colour of the old fashioned Fairy Liquid, you know, the original one that was in the white bottle with the red top.....so that's my contribution

"Fairy Liquid"

Karen said...

No names I'm afraid, just wanted to say fantastic beads and a beautiful colour.

Karen x

Jo Sacker said...

Oceana is all I can think of at the minute - they also remind me of recycled galss - so something like 'Green' drops...

Anonymous said...

Hiya Laura

My contribution is: 'The Holly and the Ivy'

I'm feeling festive!

Shari x

Anita said...

Mint Liquorice...because they look good enough to eat!

Mel said...

'deep sea diving'

Judith said...

Hi Laura,
How about "Sweet Angelica" - with Christmas coming these tasty looking beads remind me of the colour of angelica(with hints of white icing), which I used to chop up to decorate the cake and trifles. Help, I'm showing my age -I haven't seen angelica in the shops for years!!

Best wishes
Judith (West Sussex)

Laura said...

Thanks for all the fab names, everyone!

Laura x

Laura said...

I've just had another email entry :

Hi Laura

Name: Twilight

The colours just remind me of the sky at Twilight – not light, not dark but cool, calm and tranquil.



Quirkycat said...

Hi Laura,

How about 'Teal Lights'
Or 'Prussian Blueberries' as I used to have some gorgeous ink in that colour!

Caroline B said...

Mermaid's Tears
Spyra Gyra

Love those beads but want the zebra marked ones more!
Caroline x

cat said...

The light green colour reminds me of wrigley's winter fresh chewing gum for some reason...so how about "winterfresh, "wintergreen" or "spearminty".

This is my first attempt at naming beads...

Catherine (cat)

beardsbylaura said...


Siana said...

Esmeralde or Esmeralda - thought they looked kinda emeraldy - emerald comes from the Greek 'smaragdos' via the Old French 'esmeralde'

Venus - In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

I personally didn't know any of this and have blatantly plagerised (and can't spell)

///// FAULT151 \\\\\ said...

'neptune' as it is also a very rich mix of blue and green.

Also neptune is the god of the sea. And they look very sea like to me.