Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Starting to panic

I get lots of requests for heart-shaped beads but I have to be in the right mood to make focal beads. I was when I made these. I'm particularly fond of the black one.

I went to see Robyn's Nativity play today. Kid's costumes have come a long way since I was at school. The donkey was wearing a proper Donkey from Shrek suit and the sheep were sporting actual full-on sheep costumes. The angels were so pretty. When I was an angel in the school play I just wore a converted bed sheet and a loop of tinsel on my head. These ones had lovely white and gold dresses. Robyn was the star - she had a sparkly dress and a big gold star on a headband. All the children looked slightly bemused and startled at the amount of grown-ups that were crowding their playschool. Halfway through one of the sheep announced that she was 'going to see my Mummy' and she wandered off the stage!

I've really got to get my arse in gear as far as Christmas is concerned. So far I have the following :

1 x Chocolate Orange
1 x Bag of Chocolate Coins
1 x Frozen Turkey
1 x Jar of Goose Fat
1 x Packet of Paxo Stuffing

That's it. No presents. I am seriously starting to panic now. I've got some ideas for people - just got to actually physically make the purchases.

I have just finished putting the tree up and the cat is wandering around with his annual why-the-heck-have-you-put-a-tree-in-the-lounge face on.

Christmas. Why? Why? Why?


Anonymous said...

Thank Crunchie for t'interweb..that's all I can say, Laura! We went to Toys-R-A-Fortune yesterday and I nearly lost the will to live.

Shari x x

Caroline B said...

Ha ha, finally someone I can feel superior to because I'm actually more ready for Christmas than you! I'm sick of all these people who had it done and dusted three weeks ago - I'm sure they lie!

Laura said...

Shari - I've got to tackle Toys-R-Us to get Robyn's pressie at some point. Nice.

Caroline - congrats on your organisation! I'm jealous. ;o)

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

I love those beads sooooo much I'm gutted I missed them last night the white one reminds me and Mark of a cake!

I'm sure you'll get your Christmas shopping sorted even if it is in a mad panic Laura! Good luck!

J x

Laura said...

Thanks Janine!

Well, the black and white hearts were so popular last night I've made another two. The white one is almost identical to last night's but the black one is slightly smaller and the vines are in a slightly different arrangement.

They'll be on the site later.

Laura x

Caroline B said...

Laura, I didn't say I WAS ready, just more ready than you!!! Still got a long way to go...

Gemheaven said...

Did you see the same nativity as me - we had a donkey in a Shrek outfit!! Oh and a posh angel - elli wasn't the main one so more basic white with tinsel lol!!

Oh and Christmas is coming too quick for me too!!