Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lots of Wiggles

I do like these little beads. They're fun to make and they're just so bright and sparkly! I call them 'Wiggle' beads as they have a twisty kind of thing going on. Very tactile - great beads for those of us who like to fiddle and twiddle with our jewellery.

I'm off up to Cambridge tomorrow for the weekend so I'll see you next week!


Catherine said...

They look like lots of lovely colourful bubbles Laura! Really pretty and unusual.

Have a great weekend!!

Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura

Loving these..your picmakes them look like Christmas fairy lights!

Shari x

Caroline B said...

Pretty! Just the sort of thing to run your fingers through!

Laura said...

Thanks girls!

Caroline - isn't it lovely to just run your fingers through mounds of beads?! Kind of therapeutic. Or maybe just crazy ......

Laura x

Caroline B said...

I'm with you there, Laura - also have to restrain my daughter from doing it at these bead fairs as the stall holders give us 'looks'!