Friday 9 May 2008

Drawing with glass

It's been a whole week-and-a-day since my last post. Shocking!

I was up in Cambridge for the bank holiday weekend and I didn't get home until Tuesday evening so I haven't had many beads to show you.

But I have today! I'm very pleased with these. They were inspired by a floral fabric that Lyn at Florspace has used for one of her MiniZs. The fabrics that Lyn uses are just so beautiful.

I wanted to put a bold, striking flower design on a bead but not in the normal arrange-the-dots beadmaking kind of way and the only way I could achieve the effect I was visualising was to literally draw with stringer. Now, you may think that I do this all the time but trust me, drawing fluid petal shapes with a hair-fine piece of glass isn't as easy as doing straight lines and scrollwork. So these beads were a real challenge but I totally enjoyed making them. In fact, I can honestly say that I haven't had such an enjoyable beadmaking day for months.

I think that these bright red lentils would make a fabulous summer bracelet. Pink ones would be nice too. And purple, of course! Or maybe pale blue. Or zesty orange ........


  1. Awwww Laura these beads are FAB! I want them so I do!!!

    J xxx

  2. wow very different Laura!
    Do you draw on the bead when its been shaped or do you draw before?

  3. Thanks!

    Angie - I do the drawing before the pressing.

  4. Laura they are fantastic.

    I have to say lentil shaped beads are a favorite and the colour is fab, really bright and cheery.

  5. So pretty - can't wait to see variations.

  6. These beads are amazing Laura! I love them! Isn't it wonderful when you really enjoy what you're creating!


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