Tuesday, 17 June 2008

'Blaze' Floratabs

Here are the beads I mentioned earlier. A variation on my Floralentils. Comfy-to-wear tabs in vibrant fiery colours. I like. Do you?


Mary said...

Oh yeeeeeeeeees!

Caroline B said...

Wow! These are lovely, I like the little stamens (y'know, the bits coming out of the middle...)

Sometimes you need to take a break - being stressed plays havoc with your creativity. Glad you feel refreshed.

Lori G said...

I love these...nice delicate stringer over great enamels! Tell us how you came up with the design on Watch Me Create! ;)

Jenn said...

Me like!!!! Gorgeous!

Laura said...

Thanks everyone!

Lori - I will be posting about the evolution of this design for my next WMC post. :o)

Laura x

Anonymous said...

I like them very much. But then there arn't many beads you make I don't.
Glad you are feeling a little more on top of the house stress.