Sunday, 8 June 2008

'Shoreline' Spanglentils

Did you think I'd fallen off the edge of the Earth?

I haven't posted for ages because I've spent the last week decorating, tidying, sorting and generally turning the house into a show-home. Yes - Dad and I are moving. The house went on the market on Monday and we're going to move to Abingdon in Oxford. This house is just too big for us now so we're getting a smaller house and I will eventually move out totally one day . . . . . just as soon as Ewan McGregor leaves his wife! ;o)

It'll be sad to leave here and I'll miss being just around the corner from Sally, Emily and all my friends but I'll only be an hour up the road. My grandparents live in Abingdon and most of the rest of my family are in and around Oxford so that'll be nice. I actually lived the first year of my life in Abingdon, not that I remember anything about it, before Mum and Dad moved to Southampton because of Dad's job.

Buster can't understand what's going on. He hates disruption and what with all the decorating, cleaning and estate agents and viewers coming in and out of the house all the time he's very confused. Today he spent most of the day sunbathing on the lawn which I mowed yesterday. That did my hayfever the world of good, I can tell you. I was sneezing non-stop for about quarter of an hour after that!

So this move means that I'll be leaving my beloved shed behind and Beads By Laura will be getting new premises. I was very miffed when the first viewer said that my shed would make a perfect kennel for her dogs! She said she wasn't going to buy the house as it was too dark on the landing. What?! If the snooty woman removed her head from her backside maybe she'd find the world a much brighter place. Miaow!

I made beads today for the first time in ten days. I had a load of silvered ivory left over from my Wilma beads so I made these simple-but-effective lentils. They're etched to a satin finish and are quite evocative of the seaside methinks.

I'll try not to leave such a gap between this post and the next.


Jo Sacker said...

Wow you have been busy - moving house sucks, but needs must and all that!
Poor Buster - he'll have to do that whole cat stay inside thing so he knows where his new home is - my cats hated it - I caved after about 8 days and let them out!
Absolutely gorgous beads again - can I have them? ;) You know where to send the bill...

Laura said...

Yeah - we need to move to a smaller place. We went from five people living here to just two in the space of about three years.

Buster will kill and eat me if I shut him in for eight days. I'll try and keep him in for as long as I can but he's such a beast and to be honest, I'm scared of him!

Glad you like the beads, Jo! They'll be on the site tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll put what time it's likely to be on my Bead Forecast.

Laura x

BeadyPool said...

Ah cats and moving house. I know all about that one....our little madam, who so does what she wants when she wants, managed less than 24hrs locked in upstairs before doing her Houdini act. Mind you she has never strayed and we only moved 3 miles down the road! Put butter on the top of his paws (no I'm not nuts). It will make him lick his paws and apparently cats lick their paws when they are happy or something like that.

Caroline B said...

I did wonder what had happened to you! Must be a very busy time - hope it all goes well. My brother lives up Oxford way, it's very nice & I'm sure you'll settle right in. Lovely beads by the way - like a tropical shore...

Beady Bugs said...

Lovely beads lady, wonderfully seaside-y. Making me want to be on the beach. :-)

And good luck with the move - I've heard the butter thing too, might be worth a try. ;-)

HP x

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura I am sorry you will miss your friends and poor Buster will have the trauma of a new home and stomping ground, but hey every cloud has a silver lining! You will only be 15 minutes away from me so I can come and cheer you up anytime you like. Would love to know where in Abingdon you are gonna be. I am a member of White Horse Beaders who are an Abingdon based beading group - we mostly do off loom beadweaving so if you ever have time you could always pop in and see us on a beading day. Hugs Lynne S

Catherine said...

I hope the move goes well Laura. It must be bitter sweet I imagine!!

I loved your description of your doggy lady!! :D

Jo said...

I'd heard on the grape vine that you were a bit busy at the moment! I hope everything goes well. We must meet up before too long, definitely before you go!

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Good luck with it all Laura! It's all go isn't it! Love those beads they look really fresh!

J xx

Laura said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone. It's a very busy time and also a pretty up-and-down one too. One day I'm all excited about moving away and the next I'm upset about it.

Lynne, it'd be great to meet up with you. Apart from family I know no-one in Abingdon.

And yes Jo, we must meet up soon!

Janine - I know that you know exactly what this all feels like. Good luck with your move this week.

Laura x

Virginia Rees said...

When my friend moved to the other side of her village I did cat removal for her. When we got Jesse to her new house we did the old wives trick with the butter smeared on her paws. It Worked!!!

Apparently something to do with them licking away the scent from where they used to live so i'm told, as they have fun licking the butter off their paws.

Buster looks so cute, I can't picture him as the beast you say he is. Although I know what you mean about cats being that way as my ex step-sister used to have one that you only had to look at and his claws were stuck into you!!!!!

Beautiful beads by the way, as always.

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

Just going back through your posts and see you're moving to Abingdon (well, fingers crossed you get a buyer soon eh). You'll be just down the road from where I work in Eynsham, doing the kids book thang. :) You must be on a bit of a rollercoaster now but I hope everything goes smoothly for you x

Laura said...

Hi Steph

Yep - moving to Abingdon, if we could actually sell the house! (People ain't joking when they say that moving's stressful, are they?!)

Eynsham? My Great Grandmother used to live there so I kind of know where that is. :o)

Perhaps we'll have to do coffee some time?

Laura x