Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Last week I literally ran out of energy. The past few weeks have been so mad what with all the tarting-up-the-house stuff, people coming for viewings and me trying to fit beadmaking in with all that. Plus there's the emotional side of things - selling our family home is something that I always thought would be done a couple more decades down the line. Then there's the thought of moving to a brand new place away from my sisters and my friends. I hate uncertainty and it plays havoc with my general mood and bead creativity.

So when I got on the train for Cambridge on Friday evening I breathed a huge sigh of relief. A weekend away from house stress and sitting next to my torch literally forcing myself to make beads seemed very inviting.

And what a lovely weekend I had! The weather was great and on the Saturday Chris hired us bikes and we cycled to Waterbeach and had lunch at a really nice pub/restaurant place. The cycle route went right along the river - very picturesque. I took the photo above with my mobile phone.

The weekend break seemed to help with my beadmaker's block. I went down to the shed this morning feeling quite refreshed, armed with a sketchbook full of doodles of potential bead designs. I put some of them into practice and I'm pretty pleased with what's in the kiln. I'll post a photo of the resulting beads here later on this evening.